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How to get Started?

Authenticating your Documents can be confusing and time consuming, therefore we are trying to break the process in simple steps, Hoping that maybe helpful for our clients.

First Step:

Gather documents: Documents can be divided in too many categories please take a look at the bellow examples.

  1. Personal Use Documents:
    1. Birth Certificate
    2. Marriage License or Certificate
    3. Single Status
    4. Divorce Certificate or Decree
    5. No Record of a Marriage
    6. Death Certificate
    7. Power of Attorney
    8. Copy of Passport or Driver’s Licenses
    9. Court Record
    10. School or College Transcript
    11. Local Police Background Check
    12. Criminal Record
    13. Affidavit, and many others
  2. Business Use Documents such as
    1. Power of Attorney
    2. Agency Agreement
    3. Business Letter
    4. Letter of Authorization
    5. Copy of Articles of Organization
    6. Copy of Certificate of Amendment
    7. Copy of Certificate of Good Standing
    8. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
    9. Copy of Patent Assignment
    10. Copy of Trademark Assignment
    11. Copy of FDA Document
    12. Copy of Business License, and many others
  3. Federal Government Document such as
    1. Certificate to Foreign Government (CFG)
    2. Certificate of Environmental Protection Agency
    3. Certificate of Pharmaceutical Products. (CPP)
    4. Export Certificate for Animal Products
    5. Certificate of Exportability.
    6. Certified copy of Naturalization from Homeland Security
    7. Free Sale Certificate issued by the FDA
    8. Phytosanitary or Plant Certificate
    9. USDA Animal Health Certificate
    10. FBI Background Check
    11. USPTO Trademark Certificate, and Many others

Second Step:

Tell Us which State & Country the documents from and to which country you need the document for, because each country has its own rules, fees, Timing, Procedures.

Third Step:

Verification: Its optional for you to upload your documents on our website so we can give Free consultation, and verify that the work can be done.

Fourth Step:

Making the payment, and we accept all major payment methods.

Fifth Step:

When it comes to shipping accuracy is very important to get it mailed to our office, and it’s also important to include where you want your document to be shipped after the authentication, and how fast you prefer the shipping.


Note: Please be advised: If your documents are notarized, State law requires that your notary use the full notary acknowledgment, In other words Sign, date and stamp is not enough.